Work in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Spend your Summer or Winter working in Jackson Hole adjacent to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks!

Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Wildlife, Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Camping, Float and Whitewater Trips, Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, etc. at your very doorstep!


 About Us :

    Garaman, Inc. has been doing business in Jackson Hole for more than six decades. We currently operate three businesses in Jackson Hole and the surrounding area.

    THE RANCH INN - A 57 room motel located in the heart of downtown Jackson featuring the finest in downtown motel accommodations. The Ranch Inn is located at 45 E. Pearl Street - just one block south of the famous Jackson Town Square.

    THE FLYING SADDLE RESORT - Our newest motel property located in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming, just 35 miles south of Jackson. This unique motel property is located on the banks of the Snake River and at the entrance to spectacular Snake River Canyon. The Flying Saddle Resort features 58 motel rooms and private cabins, restaurant, bar, package store, retail shop, tennis court, and indoor swimming pool - all on seven beautifully landscaped acres.

 General Employment Info:

    We need Summer employees from mid-May until mid-October. Preference will be given to those who can arrive early and stay late into the season which runs from Memorial Day into early October.

    Winter applicants need to be able to work from approximately mid-October until early May.

    Permanent Employment Opportunities? Don't hesitate to ask! You never know what our current manpower needs might be. Rates of pay, bonus plans, and housing can vary from the seasonal program described below.

 Seasonal Positions Available:

    Motel (The Ranch Inn - Jackson and The Flying Saddle Resort - Alpine, Wyoming)

    Desk Clerks, Room & Laundry Attendants, Restaurant/Bar Staff, Kitchen Help, and Light Maintenance

    Like the retail store, the Ranch Inn and the Flying Saddle Resort are extremely busy during the summer vacation and winter sports seasons. They're open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Employee benefits are basically the same as those provided to our retail employees. Entry level seasonal wage is $10.00/hr and a season end bonus of $2.00/hr. The bonus is paid only if the terms of your employment contract are met.

 Job Qualifications:

    Simply put, we are looking for honest, friendly, hardworking individuals who like to have fun and enjoy themselves. A positive attitude and the ability to work with people is a must - period! We ask that you work hard and be responsible during your stay, but we also want you to play hard and enjoy this beautiful area. If you are not a "people person" with an outgoing personality, this may not be the place for you.

 Appearance Standards:

    We ask that our employees maintain a conservative, conventional, business-like appearance while on the job. Appearance (dress and grooming) is critical in a tourist environment.

 Work Schedule:

    Your work schedule will change throughout the season, especially during the early and late summer months when employees are arriving and departing. If you live in company housing, you will be expected to work the posted schedule. We will not work around a second employer's schedule ~ no exceptions! If you have a second job and there is a scheduling conflict, you must work the conflict out with your second employer. Realize that you may be asked to work any shift, any hours, any day - and split shifts are possible.

    Please understand that we have a very short summer season in Jackson Hole. Therefore, limited accommodations can be made for employees who cannot work the schedule we require and/or request special periods of time off (other than normal days off) during the summer.

 Employee Housing:

    We offer housing to most seasonal employees. For the retail store, we have two and three bedroom, furnished apartments located approximately nine blocks from the store. Ranch Inn employees have housing located on the property or at our two and three bedroom apartment location. Flying Saddle Resort employees live in two bedroom apartments located on the property. All apartments are somewhat dormitory-style in that two individuals share a bedroom along with shared bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, etc. Up to four employees are housed in our two bedroom apartments while five individuals can be assigned to the three bedroom units. All apartments are equipped with necessary furnishings. Employees must bring personal items such as linens, bedding, cooking utensils, televisions, stereos, etc. Telephone and TV/Cable hookups are available should you so choose. Free intown bus services and bicycles can be provided.

    The cost for our housing is $50.00 per week (covers costs for rent and utilities). Payment is handled through payroll deduction. An individual must work full time (40 hrs. per week) for Garaman, Inc. to be eligible to live in our housing. There is also a $100.00 damage/cleaning deposit required ($25.00 of this amount is non-refundable).

    Jackson is very busy in the summer, and parking is limited. Bicycles have proven to be an excellent means for both transportation and recreation. Bike racks are provided at all locations.

 To Apply:

    Please complete and submit our online application.

    Garaman, Inc.
    Attn: Personnel
    P.O. Box 596
    Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001
    Phone: (307) 733-3333
    Fax: (307) 733-3393